Namu6 Guide
First you need to download and install Namu6
if you are using Vista or Win7 you need to do the following
(XP users can skip this and go to "Getting started")

1. Right click on the application

2. Select "Properties"

3. Click the "Compatibility" tab

4. Check "run this program in compatibility mode for:"

5. From the drop down menu, select "Windows XP (service pack 2)"

Getting started

Run Namu6

As it starts you have the option to create a new website or to open an existing one.
Click on the "new website" button.
The wizard is simple enough, enter a name for your site, then select the purpose of your site, this determines the pages that are automatically created for you in the next step (select business for now)

On the next page you can add,remove or rename pages, leave it as it is for this demo project.

Next specify somewhere to save your project, default is "my documents"

Click next and then finish, your website is generated for you with a bright yellow theme, we will change that shortly.

Next step
Changing the theme
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