Some free applications
Made in house, mostly for our own use but we like to share.

Study Clock
Set how long you want to study and rest, the study clock will sound an alarm when you are due for a break and when you need to start again.
It includes a built in notepad to keep notes
Can also be used as an alarm clock.

Download zip file - 260kb
Download 7z file - 94kb

App Starter
App Starter allows you to set a time to start or end almost any application.
It can open anything that you can run or open by double clicking on in windows.

So you can schedule a mp3 file to play, open an image or run an application at any given time and date, and close it again if required.
To open a website just type the address into the "Process Executable" box it will open in your default browser.

Newly added feature - Once it is set up App Starter can be set to start hidden (perfect for pranks)

Download zip file - 260kb
Download 7z file - 94kb

Office Workout
This app is there to remind you at regular intervals to do certain things, it does not necessarily have to be exercise.

Enter Instructions for yourself in the textbox, default is exercises but it could be take your medication or check the stock price etc.
Set your preferred time interval between exercises (default 30 min)
Click the hide button.
Do the exercises every time the box pops up.
Its as simple as that.

Download zip file - 260kb
Download 7z file - 94kb

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