Building your own website
You want to build your very own website but it's all so overwhelming, you need to learn html and all kinds of stuff right?
Not quite, it is true for the more advanced websites, but you can create an awesome site with just a little imagination and the right tools.

Getting the right tools may be the biggest obstacle, the internet is a great place, with free software and tons of information on any subject, and pretty soon you are suffering from information overload.
With thousands of options to select from and all of them claiming to be easier than the rest, finding the right one can be a daunting task.

On this site I have cut down on the options, listing only what you need to get started, the web building tools listed here are the ones I found easy to use.

On the Web
The local links page has links to websites that have content related to East London or South Africa
I'm always looking for more interesting sites so feel free to send me links.

Google search tips - fun and usefull

And more......

I love backdrops, most of these relate to South Africa or East London in some way.

The absolute beginners guide to building a website (and some other stuff)
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